Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell, the world-renowned interior designer, is known for her collections of fabrics and other luxury designer goods. Her luxurious designs and fabric are highly sought after.

Fabrics for Sale

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Ophelia             NC 500       £45           Order now

Luxuriously soft narrow cord chenille interiors fabric suitable for curtains and cushions etc. Autumnal colours in an attractive floral design on a rich cream background. Pattern repeat is 97cm. On close inspection there are a few very small feint marks on parts of this fabric which is reflected in the price. However these would not be noticeable if hung as curtains for example.
This piece is 138cm wide  x 3.5 metres

Poppy      NC 501    £60    SOLD

The lovely Nina Campbell Poppy fabric which is a heavy woven cotton with large pink poppies on a light cream background within panels framed by green vertical borders. There are two panels down the length of the fabric.  It has a pattern of poppies, stems and leaves climbing the fabric. Pattern repeat is 116cm.
This piece measures 136cm wide x 3  metres

Tulip Damask (teal)         NC 504   (a)£12(b)£18
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both pieces together £25 (save £5)

Two pieces of this lovely design of tulips with a self patterned damask background. Pattern repeat is 44cm. These pieces measure:
(a) 127cm wide x 66cm   SOLD
(b) 127cm wide x 1.05 metres  SOLD

San Simeon   NC 505      £18 per metre SOLD

A long piece of San Simeon from 1993 with a large design of fleur de lys on a red background. This is linen union, suitable for upholstery as well as curtains etc. Pattern repeat is 60cm. This piece measures 137cm wide x 5 metres.

Kiribati    NC 506        £48
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Lovely length of this interesting and unusal piece with poibtilist shapes of leaves and flowers on a deep cream/light buff background. 100% cotton suitable for blinds/curtains etc. Pattern repeat is 65cm. This piece measures 132cm wide x 3 metres.

Caracas    NC 507      £30

Linen union fabric suitrable for upholstery and curtains etc. This lovely floral design from 1998 is in greens and browns on gold. Pattern repeat is 86cm. This piece measures 138cm wide x 1.8 metres.

Kew Green       NC 519       £22
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A piece of linen with a large floral design in pink, taupe and brown on a cream background. Pattern repeat is approx 66cm. This piece measures 137cm wi9de x 1.3 metres.

Fleurie               NC 522         £26         SOLD

A lightweight cream cotton from 1998 with posies of flowers in burgundy, mauve, yellow and taupe with green leaves and brown stems. Pattern repeat is 27cm and the posy measures approc 8cm. This piece measures 140cm wide x 1.7 metres (there is more than this but this is the minimum measurement).

Meredith (cranberry/biscuit)           NC 528     £54    SOLD

A stunning piece of upholstery fabric from 1994 with a large damask type design in gold on red. Pattern repeat is 43cm. This piece measures 140cm wide x 2.8 metres