Chenilles and Weaves

A short tufted woven fabric either with body for strong upholstery or luxuriously soft creating a velvet-like fuzzy pile.
Weaves are created using at least 2 sets of yarns longitudinally and crosswise.

Fabrics for sale

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Alton Brooke

Deco     CW 1301     £32
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Rich gold upholstery chenille 17% cotton, 83% viscose. This fabric does not drape so not suitable for curtains etc. It has some storage marks on the back along the edges but this does not affect the front of the fabric. This piece measures 135cm wide x 2.1 metres.


Zimmer and Rohde

Andro         CW 1302      £25                  Order now

Pale gold soft chenille (colour 933) with a short tuft. Samples available. Durable and suitable for soft furnishings, cushions etc. This is L-shaped piece of fabric and each piecde of the L measures:
(a) 150cm wide x 98cm
(b) 120 cm wide x 80cm


Gold/cream diagonal stripe     CW 1351   
(a) £18 per metre (b) £18     Order now

This is high end upholstery fabric with a luxurious feel. It is the quality of an Andrew Martin fabric with a gold and cream narrow diagonal stripe and lovely soft feel. It would be suitable to cover a chair or seat cushions etc. Samples are available. These pieces measure:
(a) 154cm wide x 4 metres.
(b) 84cm wide x 1.8 metres.