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Tatton (linen)†††† †LA 330†††††††† £20 per metre††††††† SOLD

Classy cotton jacquard in a lovely rich cream colour with part matt, part glossy finish with a large damask style pattern. Pattern repeat is 66cm. This piece measures 138cm wide x 2 metres

Sitwell (brick)††† LA 331 ††††††††† £125†††† SOLD

From 1996 this is a cotton drape fabric with a classic design in light gold on a brick background. Pattern repeat is 6cm. This piece measures 138cm wide x 7.8 metres.

Aeroplane††† LA 332 ††††††††††† £32
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Children's cotton fabric from 2003 with different aeroplanes, hot air balloons etc on a blue background. Suitable for curtains, blind, cushions etc. Pattern repeat is 32cm. This piece measures 135cm wide x 2.2 metres.

Milner (cranberry)† LA 333 † † † †† £35
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Woven floral jacquard with large flowers on a cream background. Suitable for curtains, bnlinds etc and soft furnishings. Pattern repeat is 63cm. This piece measures 140cm wide x 2 metres.

Physic Garden (terracotta/multi/white)† LA 334 † £24 †† SOLD

Old school Laura Ashley chintz from 1989 showing herbs, berries, spices etc in a diamond framework probably taking inspiration from the Chelsea Physic garden. Pattern retpeat is 32cm. This piece measures 120cm wide x 1.3 metres.

Wisley (linen)††††††††† LA 335 ††† £18 †††††† SOLD

Printed linen blend with white and taupe flowers with green and blue leaves on a pale taupe background. Pattern repeat is 86.5cm. This piece measures 137cm wide x 93cm.

Grand Paisley (multi/dark green)† LA 336 †
(a)£16† ††SOLD
(b)£30 † Order now

Drawing room fabric from 1985, pattern repeat is 32cm.
These pieces measure:
(a) 120cm wide x 1 metre (some print overlay on one selvedge but the fabric is fine)
(b) 110cm wide x 2 metres (some cuts on the sides in and near the selvedges but the measurement allows for this)

Aubrey (brick)††††††††† ††LA 339††††† £54 †† RESERVED

A length of light weight furnishing fabric with a gold and brown pattern on brick red background. Pattern repeat is 15cm. This piece measures 140cm wide x 3.2 metres.

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