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Fragrance  CR 1500         £15 per metre        SOLD

A lovely summer floral design with butterflies on an eau de nil background. This is cotton curtain fabric. Pattern repeat 60cm. This piece measures 120cm wide x 10.5 metres.

Freesia            CR 1502          (a)£20 (b)£20 (c)£17      Order now

A lovely screenprinted design of blue freesias on fresh coloured squares of lemon and yellow. Each square measures approx 32cm and the pattern repeat is approx 64cm. This is curtain weight smooth cotton. There are 3 peices which measure:
(a) 94cm wide x 2.8 metres (one selvedge)
(b) 94cm wide x 2.8 metres (one selvedge)
(c) 138cm wide x 1.25 metres

Amadour  (blue)       CR 1504        (a)£36(b)£45    Order now

This is a smooth cotton version of Amadour with blues, browns and dusky pinks on cream. Pattern repeat is 60cm.
These piecse measure:
(a) 120cm wide x 2.4 metres SOLD
(b) 120cm wide x 3 metres  SOLD

Fairfield               CR 1506     £23        SOLD

Linen union with pinks, lilac and golds on a gold background. pattern repeat is 44cm. This piece measures 138cm wide x 1.5 metres.

Rochester       CR 1508      £15 per metre      Order now

A smooth cotton curtain fabric with a floral pattern in shades of pink with green leaves on a cream background. Pattern repeat is 45cm. This piece measures 138cm wide x 6 metres.

Madeleine           CR 1511              £30               SOLD

Beautiful gentian blue flowers on cream. Smooth cotton. Pattern repeat is 59cm. This piece measures 120cm wide x 2 metres.

Lavante               CR 1513           £38            SOLD

A beautiful smoothly draping soft cotton with pink and white flowers on a dusky pink background. Pattern repeat is 59cm. This piece measures 120cm wide x 2.6 metres.

Stirling    CR 1514        £75             SOLD

Cotton curtain fabric with a floral design in pinks, blue, gold and green on a pale taupe background. Pattern repeat is 59cm. There are a few marks on the selvedges but the fabric is fine. This piece measures 136cm wide x 5.3 metres.

Boucheron     CR 1515            £30      RESERVED

A piece of the lovely art nouveau Boucheron by Crowson in cotton. The colours are blue, green, tan, taupe and  on a dark green, almost black background. Pattern repeat is 45cm.
This measures 140cm wide x 1.5 metres.

Playtime     CR 1518            £15 per metre          Order now
or £120 for the whole piece (save £30)

A lovely child's cotton fabric with pastel colours of yellow, blue and pink with teddies, the alphabet and numbers in vertical stripes up the length of the fabric. Suitable for both boys and girls. Pattern repeat is 32cm. Suitable for curtains, blinds, bedclothes etc. This piece measures 137cm wide x 10 metres.